Creating glyps explanation

I read your last blog post about creating glyphs

What I had in mind for some time; wouldn’t it be easier to let glyphs tell the user what the possibilities are?

Just like I suggested to add the grey text 'notes" in the opentype features panel. It would help a lot in imo.

This is a very good idea. Thanks

“…wouldn’t it be easier to let glyphs tell the user what the possibilities are?”

I just had the insane vision of opt-clicking a glyph in the font tab and a huge spread of possible accented and variant glyphs could be. Of course this is probably utterly impractical, but I feel compelled to share this vision/

DTF: in a way, that’s already what right-clicking a language or category does in the Font view. It’s more practical because if you have added one Vietnamese letter, you probably want the other ones too.

What I thought about the other day was an option to find all composites (already in the font) where the current glyph is a part of. These are hard to find sometimes. I’ll write a script for that.

DTF: But the idea is really cool. But rather useless…

@ mekkablue:
good idea but pls add that script to the custom filters?
Together with the options:
“Custom filter fulfills all of next criteria”
“Custom filter fulfills one of the next criteria”

That way it is easier to find (a selection of) glyphs