Creating initial and terminal forms for accented characters automatically

This may be a basic questions but i’m trying to make Glyphs to create initial and terminal forms for accented characters automatically.
To start with I’ve created a line in the GlyphData.xml custom file

But it doesn’t seem to work at all. :-/

Any help very much appreciated.

I think you don’t need to modify the glyphData to do the. if you add an a.fina and generate aacute.fina, it should pick up the right components.

the reason i’m asking and tried adding the line to the glyphdata.xml is that it doesn’t want to pick up the right components :-/

i create a new glyph, rename it to aacute.fina and it’s empty. When I add a.fina component and acute component to it manualy - the glyph looks fine and i do not have to decompose it or something to make it look right. but i need to do the same for all accented characters and it’s a nightmare meaning that it’s doable but very much time consuming…

well, now it works :slight_smile:

If you use the “Generate Glyph” command and paste in all the names at once it will pick up the right components.

Or, select all accented characters cmd+D. Then you get names like aacute.001. Select all and Find and Replace ‘.001’ with ‘.fina’. Then run Layer > Make Component Glyph. That sound more complicated as it is.