Creating new weights (beyond tutorial)

Hi, I’ve made a few regular weight typefaces in Glyphs 2 and love it, and am now looking at doing a whole family of weights.
I’ve been through and done the tutorials and successfully added a Regular ‘n’ master and ‘n’ bold master as is described in the tutorial, and made a medium weight automatically by changing the interpollation weight number between the Regular and Bold.
All good so far.

My questions are now (the tutorials stopped when it seems like they should go onto another):

  1. say I already have all the glyphs drawn for a regular font, do I now have to draw a Bold master for every one of those glyphs? Or can it work the Bold glyphs out from the information it has for the Bold ‘n’?

  2. if I do have to draw all the Bold glyphs, but can automatically generate a Medium weight for example, will the Medium and Bold glyphs inherit all of the spacing and kerning pair information from the original complete Regular weight?
    i.e. does one have to manually set all the spacing again for the new weights?

Many thanks, apologies if this is repetitive I looked through the forum but didn’t find the answer there.

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I have bad news and good news.
Yes, you’ll need to draw multiple masters for every glyph. And you’ll have to space those masters too.
And yes, the app will interpolate spacing for intermediate instances.


Thanks eliason