Creating oblique italics results in decimal point coordinates

When creating obliques from the upright glyphs having my grid set to 1, the node placements sometimes are misplaced slightly and create kinks or the wrong angle with the handle because it’s trying to snap to the grid…

I can avoid this misplacement if I set my grid to 0, but then the horizontal x-coordinate node points have decimal values (e.g. 200.345), which I’ve understood can create some problems for certain printers/PDF exports if using a font with decimal values.

I’m just wondering if there’s a best practice to handle this?


The only proper way is to (manually) move the points a bit to improve the alignment. In this case, move it up by two or three units and it will fit better. Or use corner components.

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Hi Adam, welcome to the club. In cases like this, i try to avoid (i.e. remove) overlaps that have to meet exactly in one point. If the curve is shallow or the BCP very short, I check for kinks and adapt one of the points so that the point triplet (BCP-oncurve-following point) can fit in one line as well as possible.

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Ha, thanks for the replies, advice, and welcome Georg and Mekkablue :slight_smile: I’ll try these techniques… yeah, I figured there may be some manual adjustments that need to happen once I realized some of these shifted.