Creating the alternate glyphs (glyphs mini)


First of all i need to say that i am new at this program. However, even if i checked forum topics and tutorials, i couldnt find any answer to my problem. I am using glyph mini. I want to add some altarnate glyphs but i cant manage to do it.

For example, i checked this tutorial I can not even find thıs option “Glyph > Add Glyphs… (Cmd-Shift-G)”. I have only new glyph option which is not same option at all. Whatever i tried, i failed. I need some asistance and help.

If this option is not available in Glyphs Mini, i need to say that description about two version (mini and org. Glyphs) is not enough… It should be more clarify.


Most tutorials are about the full version. A Mini handbook is planned, but will still take some time. In Mini, you click on the plus button to add a new glyph. Or you select an existing one and duplicate it (Cmd-D). And depending on the name, an automatic OT feature will be added. But Mini only supports some features.

What kind of alternate glyph do you want to add, and in what app do you plan to use it?