CTRL click doesn't work anymore

CTRL click doesn’t work anymore, the option panel is not showing up. In other applications it does. I have the last cutting edge version of Glyphs.

same here. Also sometimes problems with cmd-a and other keys.

Known bug in 1187. For now, right click or two-finger click. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I just updated an update that fixes this.

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Thank you Georg! The unmatched responsiveness to these kinds of issues is one of the main reason I’m so incredibly pleased with Glyphs. :smiley:


Are there know issues with CTRL-arrow keys ? They suddenly stopped working. So changing LSB doesn’t work.

Mojave, dark mode. Just updated to 1193. Didn’t help.

I checked, but it doesn’t work either when I go back to normal mode. Double checked on High Sierra, where it still works.

Did the system reclaim the shortcut for Mission Control?

Mission Control ? Don’t know.

Nothing happens when I type CTRL + arrow. LSB doesn’t change.
It does when I add SHIFT, with ten units. Adding kerning works as well. So CTRL-OPT + arrow works…

See the Spacing tutorial on how to deactivate the Mission Control shortcut.

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It worked ! Thanks.

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