Ctrl/Cmd Spacing Suggestion

I noticed that when I assign the LSB or RSB of a glyph to those of another glyph, but add or subtract an amount of units, (let’s say RSB ==l+15), and later I will change the number with the Cmd+arrow keys, it will move, but it will state the RSB is incorrect, instead of simply adjusting the value of the number. In other words: the Ctrl/Cmd+arrow option is no longer useful, and the spacing will jump back to the original value when you update metrics.
I hope this makes sense? Or is there a reason why it is like this?

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Metrics keys are meant to overwrite manually set spacing. You need to carefully decide when metrics keys are useful and when it is better to do the spacing manually. You can click into the metrics key text field and arrow up down to change the metrics key.