Currency symbols (som are compound unicodes?)

Hi I need to add some currency symbols to a font and I saw some of them are just some glyphs together or are actual letters as symbols (same unicodes). Please check this list:

  • Bulgaria Lev BGN лв 43b, 432
  • Czech Republic Koruna CZK Kč 4b, 10d
  • Macedonia Denar MKD ден 434, 435, 43d
  • Poland Zloty PLN zł 7a, 142
  • Serbia Dinar RSD Дин 414, 438, 43d, 2e

How can I add them as currency symbols?

And for example, I also have some like Guatemala Quetzal GTQ Q 51 that is just the Q letter. Is there any way to have those as currency too? or they just need to use the Q glyph?

This is for an ecommerce app, so the idea is that the app detects the user country code and show the prices with the actual country currency.

Thanks a lot.

AFAIK, these do not have their own symbols encoded in Unicode. But check for yourself in UnicodeChecker: Character Blocks > Carian – Cyrillic > Currency Symbols.

Since it is a limited use case, it may make sense to make your own encoding in PUA. See the Unicode tutorial.

Thanks @mekkablue — Yeah, they seems to be just two different glyphs together but there is no standalone unicode for those.
About PUA, does it works on ttf fonts?


I would not use PUA codes. Just use the correct underlying text (e.g. the two characters) and make the font show whatever you like – either the two letters or a ligature.

Good idea. E.g. R_S_D.dlig for the Serbian Dinar for instance, then update features in Font Info. And with that ligature, you turn the characters RSD into the symbol.

Yeah, that’s cool - thought about it, but I would need to make sure they can use OTF in their app… specially otf features. Right?

It’s for an app, right? They do.

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