Cursify/Slant in Glyphs Mini

I am having problems with the Cursify/Slant option in Glyphs Mini. Whenever I try these options, the glyph just disappears… I do not know what I am doing wrong here?

Sorry, I have found out what the problem was: I lef the scale option open, because I did not want to scale the glyph, but this leaves it at 0%, so the glyph disappears…

Not entirely your fault. It’s because those fields appear empty though it actually have values. The reason for this is not known yet.

I tried to fix this several times but I didn't found the cause of it jet. Will have another look.

It may be because that the value is far off to the right in the field or something like that?

Actually, I have other requests regarding transform filter.

  1. When I run it second time, a wrong tab is shown (if I use Transform and re-open it, Metrics tab appears).
  2. In the Metrics tab, “Relative” checkbox should always be selectable in my opinion (shouldn’t be grey when Width is checked).