"cursivy" transformation

Neither “cursivy” nor “cursify” (as the Transformations dialog used to say) is a real world so far as I can tell, but I’d say it’s easier to tell what is intended by “cursify” than by “cursivy.” Even though “cursive” has a “v,” “-fy” is recognizable as an action suffix (like “classify,” “terrify,” “identify,” “simplify,” etc.) whereas “-vy” isn’t. In fact “-vy” words in English tend to be pronounced with a long e rather than long i sound (“gravy,” “envy,” “privy,” “skivvy,” etc.) which I think is not what is intended here. I’d suggest going back to “cursify” (or finding another word).


In such cases, using a different verb is often the best option, such as “Make Cursive”.

Going through the new G3 Manual and found this discrepancy still exists.

Transformations Section, pp74:
Transformations palette image shows “Cursivy”; text says “Cursify”. In the app itself, “Cursivy”.

This is such a small error that I thought it might be fixed by now.

Thank you for bringing this up again; it’s fixed in the next issue.

How about Cursivify?

Analogously to Passive → Passivify.

Perhaps @Bendy and @Evertype want to chime in?

This is the correct form. Passive + the productive -fy ending would be correct for this word. Compare also vivify and revivify. The OED attests revivify from 1631 to 2001.

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May I add Merriam-Webster links for reference:

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Instead of an obscure word form, why not label it what it is – Optical Slant?

::eta:: And… the latest manual I can find still has cursify. (December 2021).

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:musical_note:Christ, you know it ain’t easy
You know how hard it can be
The way things are going
They’re going to cursify me🎵

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