Cursor broken – internally selects too many


Version 2.5b (1071)

I have two lines of text


I select “abc” and press CMD+T, it should create a tab with only abc, instead it creates a tab with all the above text, also trying to do a bulk transform (CMD+Shift+T) on abc gives me this error:

*** setObjectForKey: key cannot be nil

I assume thats because a (null) new line has been selected?


I fixed the new tab problem. But I can’t reproduce the second.


Video link

Also notice the first line text jumps at 0:003 when I type the f, i think its because the /f/space has a kerning pair


Also, try this
select cd, press, cmd+X, ef then becomes selected…

and this

  1. type
    abc def
    2 move cursor to end of first line. type d so the new text is
    abcd def
  2. press shift+up – while the cursor is still at the end of the first line – to select first line > instead of selecting first line, everything gets selected…


Fixed cmd+X.


New issue:

i have the text:


I put cursor at start of string, press down, it skips to the end of the 2nd line.
If i press shift+down, it highlights 2 lines instead of just one.


Still having this issue now:


Placing cursor at start of the string and pressing Shift+Down, selects 2 lines instead of 1. Also Shift+Up doesn’t let you deselect a line anymore?


Works as expected for me?


Version 2.5b (1113)
Please see this movie

Ill forward you the file.


The movie doesn’t work for me. But I can reproduce it with your file.


Fixed it. Thanks for the file.