Cursor is shifted in kerning mode

Suddenly there is a new behavior that I can’t seem to correct: I have been happily kerning with text strings I paste into Glyphs; I place the cursor between two glyphs and kern them with the arrow key combination. But just today (while giving a demo, of all times), I found that the pair being kerned is always one to the right of the location of the cursor. In other words, if I’ve placed my cursor between A and V of AVARICE, and I edit kerning, the combination that is being changed while I watch is VA. It’s not tied to groups; it happens in every case. I don’t have right-to-left view on. What could cause this?

Do you have some features selected in the owed left corner?

Maybe that you are kerning while holding alt+command(+shift), which kerns on the right side of the current letter. If you want to kern the space at the cursor, hold alt+control(+shift) then arrows.

And maybe for some reasons the keyboard layout has switched the two keys?