Custom filter not working as custom parameter

I made this Filter that is working fine, but it’s not working at export when added as a filter to the instances.


Is there any special thing we have to do to the code in the plugin so that is works as a custom Parameter?

Many thanks

It should work as a Filter. What about PreFilter?

… and we have a convenience function for that, so you do not need to do the math yourself anymore:

path.setSmooth_withCenterNode_oppositeNode_(handleToBeAligned, centerNode, oppositeNode)

handleToBeAligned will be moved so it is in line with centerNode and oppositeNode.

(I also just discovered it recently, duh.)


Doesn’t Work as PreFilter either

What is a PreFilter?
Couldn’t find any info on that.

Strange that this is not working as Filter.

took me a while.

Your filter always applies to all active layer in edit view instead of the layer that you get as an argument in the filter method. So remove line 28 and 29 remove one level of indentation for the following lines and change thisLayer to layer.


@GeorgSeifert You’re the man! It works now. Thank you for looking!