Custom Filters

I’m trying to create a new permanent list filter and I haven’t been able to find where the current list filters are stored. Any help on where I can save a new filter that will be universally accessible? (i.e. Mac Roman, Windows 1252)

Try to add the filter when you have open only one file.


Hmmm, still didn’t work. As long as I don’t close the file it works fine, but as soon as I save and close, it won’t reappear in the next session.

I will improve that in a update soon.

The filter should appear if you restart Glyphs


I’m wondering where to store Christoph’s custom Latin filters. I saw the tutorial said we can put it next to the Glyphs file, but I want the filters available for any font I open, or e.g when opening a new font.

Place the CustomFilter.plist file in the Application Support folder (~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs 3). Then it will be available to all fonts, including new fonts.

Thanks. So it looks like that replaces any existing filters rather than appending the new ones, is that expected?

Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 14.51.44

Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 14.52.00

I’d still like to be able to see incompatible or non-exporting glyphs

Editing the filters in the Glyphs UI creates a CustomFilter.plist file in the Application Support folder, including the default filters. So, when editing from the UI, you keep the default filters, but when downloading a custom filters file, the default filters are not automatically preserved.

What you can do is edit the filters in the Glyphs UI by adding a new filter and then deleting it from the plist manually, that gets you the default filters as a plist file: (2.1 KB)

And here I have appended Koeberlin’s filters after the default filters: (6.5 KB)

You can have more than one CustomFilter file. Place the additional filter files in a folder called “Filters” and add something to the name like “CustomFilterChristoph.plist”.

They then will show up like so:


Thank you very much, that’s a great tip! Only downside is you can’t use the UI to sort the filters, that needs to be done manually in the plist file. But this is really great already!

The extra filters are read only in the ui and are meant to be those kind of externally imported files.

Little bug (which, sadly, has deleted all my custom filters): If you try and rename a filter in a custom filter list (like CustomFilterChristoph.plist in /Filters/) using the UI in Glyphs, the contents of the original CustomFilter.plist file are overwritten with the CustomFilterChristop.plist contents.

In case this wasn’t understandably written:
I have a file in /Filters/ called CustomFilterCHARACTER SETS.plist, with multiple character sets. I tried renaming one of those filters in Glyphs using the UI. Doing that replaced all the filters in “FILTERS” with duplicates of my character sets, (with one of them renamed, of course).

I see. I’ll try to fix it.

Thanks for the replies, somehow I’d completely missed them :slight_smile:

It’s definitely handy to have the option for more than one custom filter. Now I’ve moved Christoph’s filters into a new ‘Filters’ folder in Application Support and even without a separate CustomFilter.plist in the App Support folder, I get the default filters showing.