Custom GSGuideLine

I’m making a script that does stuff relative to a guideline it creates. I’d want to style this guideline differently from other local or global ones that may be already set: basically change its color, but in a more general way, how it gets displayed.

I thought I’d make a custom GSGuideLine but:
1- I’m getting a objc.error: customGuide is overriding existing Objective-C class error so I must be doing something wrong
2- I don’t see anything related to styling anyway when looking at GSGuideLine’s attributes (I’m assuming that’s because its tied to where the guide is added, master or layer?)

Maybe subclassing GSGuideLine is the wrong approach anyway, how should I proceed?

Subclassing is not useful.
So you need to use your own classname. Like JWGuide.

I’m not sure I understand. Where can I find how a guideline is styled?

That would require a Reporter plug-in.