Custom handwritten strikethrough

Hi there,

currently working on a handwritten font in glyphs. Now I’d like to customize the strikethrough option in order to make it look as if it was handwritten as well.

  1. Is glyphs the right place to do it? (I know you can customize options in InDesign for example but there I can’t add a style that I’ve drawn, as far as I know)
  2. If in glyphs: how? Are there workarounds with, e.g. playing arounds with activating and de-activating layers or combining marks? Or is there a super simple way and I’m just absolutely unaware of it?

Thank you and cheers

The underline option as provided by apps will not work like this. I would do it as a separate font (or instance).

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The coolest approach would be to draw several strike glyphs (of different length and style) and substitute them contextually. Writing that context is not easy as you have to cover all combinations.


That is how Julia Sysmäläinen did it in FF Mister K. You could control the length of the underline/strikethrough by typing more or fewer “trigger” glyphs. E.g. === would cause a short double strikethrough, ~~~~~~~~ would cause a long wiggly underline. The drawings of these zero width glyphs are to the left of the sidebearings, so you can keep typing the characters after a word until the element has the desired length.