Custom Links in Plugin Manager


Is it possible to add a different link in the Plugin Manager than the one to GitHub?

I am aware that you can add links to the Description, but what I seek is to have the custom link shown instead of the GH link. The GH link is still used to point to the repository, but I’d like to have the users only see one link which points to a website instead.

That is because the amount of Plugins I got (and I will release soon more) makes in almost impossible to keep all documentations up to date. So instead I’d like to just put the binary on GH, without any readme, just for Glyphs to pull it from, and then have a single source of truth as the documentation on my own website and have the users go there right away from the PM, if they need further information.

Another option would be to add a flag to just hide the GH link in the PM. Users don’t need to go the GH repo in these cases. Never, actually. And it just causes confusion that I have to write in GH, that they cannot install from here but only from the PM.

Does that make sense? :smile:

The links to the repos are more intended to let people find the repo to post issues and see details about the developer.
So adding a simple default readme (that links to you me page and that one sentence about the installation) should be sufficient.

But I see your point. I’ll see what I can do.

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Thank you for considering <3

I had a look at the code. It would need quite a bit work to add custom links (that code is based on code that I didn’t write).

And I like that there is a link to the actual code so that people can check it.

Fair enough. Thanks for having a look! I was more concerned about plugins that are not open source though. So there is no reason to check the code.
Anyway, I’ll see how I can make it more obvious in the repos to go to another place for documentation etc. While issue reporting on GH is a good thing, not everyone wants to create an account just to report a bug or ask a question.