Custom Master field disabled

Hello everyone! I’m using Glyphs 1 (it will be a while before I can upgrade) and I’m making a typeface with multiple masters that will need custom names. They are all regular weight, the only difference being that one master has hard corners and the other two have soft corners. I will not be making instances to bridge the gap between the styles, I just want three unique styles in one font.

The tutorial for masters shows a custom field, but I cannot type into the custom field. Is there any workaround or setting I need to adjust?

Not in Glyphs 1. Why do you need custom names for the masters?

I need different names because Bold, Regular, and Light don’t describe the styles in my typeface. All of them are the same width/thickness and the only difference is that the corners/edges are rounded. It would be weird to create three projects that only differ in one or two ways.

So are custom master names a Glyphs 2 only thing? It seems odd to have the textbox right there and not be able to use it.

The style names are defined in the instance, not in the masters.

Would I be able to create unique letter shapes using instances? Going from the tutorials, it looks like masters is what I want since it lets me have a unique shape for each type of style. If this is the case, could I have three masters so each one has an instance that has a name?

Master - Instance
Regular - stylename1
Regular - stylename2
Regular - stylename3

You still need to define instances. In your case on per master. There is a command to do that in the Plus button in the instance settings. Give each master a different number in any of the axis coordinate fields. Then use the same numbers in the instance.

There doesn’t seem to be an axis coordinate field in my masters tab, is it somewhere else?

Glyphs 1 has predefined axes only.

Can you post a screenshot that we know to speak about the same thing?