Custom Metric for Small Caps

I am trying to add a new Metric for Small Caps in the metrics section, so I click the plus sign which adds a new undefined metric in blue. Then I click undefined and rename the Custom Name to Small Caps, and add the figures for each weight. So far so good. when I close and reopen the font all the Small Caps data is missing. Is Small Caps not allowed?

You can see on the second image that the data is added, but doesn’t remain when reopening after closing.

  • Which exact build are you using? Make sure you have the latest cutting-edge version. I believe there was a bugfix about his some versions ago.
  • Make sure you have File > Font Info > Other > File Version set to Glyphs 3.

Thanks, that saved the info.

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I seem to be having this same issue. If I add custom metrics, they disappear from the Metrics section after closing and then reopening the document. After reopening, the values have been saved and moved to an “Alignment Zones” custom parameter. However, these zones don’t appear in the edit view. (Zones added in the Metrics section do.) I’m using 3.0.4 (3099).

Have you checked Font Info > Other > File Version?

No. :man_facepalming: Thanks!