Custom Names for Character Variants

Hey there,

is it possible to give “Character Variants” custom names?
Or is there any other option to provide named alternatives for individual glyphs without having a “Stylistic Set” for every single variant?

Kind regards, Simon

(I know there already was a discussion about this topic a year ago, but I think it wasn’t really solved there.)

You can add a name attribute into the code but I am afraid it is not supported anywhere.

Do you mean the support in design programmes?
In Figma it’s possible to see names of “Character Variants”.

Can you tell me how I add such a name attribute?

Look at ‘UI Label names for Character Variant features’:

Never tried it myself, though. YMMV.

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Okay, I will have look there.
Thank you!

You can also add UI names for Stylist Set features, but with ssXX features what you can describe is severely limited: just the name of the feature. With cvXX features you can also give the names of non-default values and other things like tooltips, sample strings, etc.

I had thought about adding the same UI but quickly realized that is it not sufficient. And building a proper one was too much work.