Custom Parameter /Filter /Transformations

Can I use this to apply Transformations to specific range of glyphs

Transformations; LSB:-5; RSB:-5;
(affects all)

Transformations; @smallcaps LSB:-5; @smallcaps RSB:-5;
can classes be used?

pos [@Uppercase @SmallCaps] @SmallCaps 30;
in a feature applies to all exports and it would be good to have control over individual exports

Classes do not works in filters; they are only used in feature code.

You can add feature code to specific instances using the Add Feature custom parameter.

Thanks Florian!

and you can add a “include/exclude” keyword to Filters. That way you can apply the filter to some glyphs. In this case you can try something like this:

Transformations; LSB:-5; RSB:-5; include:*.sc

Could this be increased by adding other such *.xxx ?

Transformations; LSB:-5; RSB:-5; include:*.sc; include:*.c2sc; include:*.other

I presume it is anything from the . onwards?

No, you need multiple transform filters for this.

In the next cutting edge version (3237), you will be able to combine multiple patterns (and single glyph names) with a comma, like so:

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