Custom Parameter List Comment

Is it possible to add comments to the glyphnames list (one per line) in a custom parameter like »Keep Glyphs« and alike?
I’d like to add comments to group them and/or to temporarily disable glyphnames that are work in progress and such. A simple # at the start of a line would be amazing.

Apparently it’s not possible to have multiple »Keep Glyphs« CPs (while multiple filter CP work just fine). Is that true and/or on purpose?

That is true and on purpose. What should happen when multiple Keep Glyphs lists are present?

I thought they would just add to each other. If there happen to be duplicates, these could be ignored. Like the set() in python.
If the Commenting would be possible, multiple instances of »Keep Glyphs« wouldn’t be necessary. In general that’s probably a very specific case we got here. Hmm.

We are thinking about it.

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