Custom parameter "Remove Features"

Yes, all the features are.

Can you send me that file?

The ccmp feature is not set to automatic so it is not updated. You need to add a “Remove Feature” or “Replace Feature” parameter to those instances.

But if you look at the 7.6 post images, it’s not. In my file it’s set to automatic.
And it doesn’t concern only the ccmp, it makes errors with all features that are already set to automatic.
Could you send me the file back with the features set to automatic by you in order for me to see the difference with the actual parameter?
Another thing, wouldn’t it be simpler to have an “all” value to the Remove Feature?
Thanks for the precious help!

In the file you send me, the ccmp feature was activated but set to manual.

It’s weird because I checked it all and it was set to automatic.
I just tried again and the errors remain.

Everything works fine after update.

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