Custom Parameter Remove Prefix?

Let’s say I want to remove all features and classes for one specific instance, is it also possible to remove parts of the prefix? Or is this not necessary?

Not sure I get it. What do you have in the Prefix?

languagesystem DFLT dflt;
languagesystem latn dflt;
languagesystem latn CAT;
languagesystem latn AZE;
languagesystem latn CRT;
languagesystem latn MOL;
languagesystem latn ROM;
languagesystem latn TRK;

Leave it at Automatic, and it will be adapted automatically at export.

Based on which information this Prefix Languagesystems is generated? I’ve tried to create an instance without any cyrillic glyph but the Languagesystems in the generated file don’t seem to adapt although the Automatic option is ticked. Can you help?

Normally the code is not changed on export. You need to click the update button or the circular arrow button in the same line. It will not look at the glyphs in the font but the feature code. All scripts that are used there will be added to the Languagesystems.

Thank you for your reply Georg. So there’s no automatic way to create, for example, a prefix languagesystems without cyrillic based on an instance that don’t use cyrillic?

if you remove some glyphs with a ‘Remove Glyphs’ parameter, it is supposed to update all automatic features and prefixes. I’ll fix that.

I’ve found a way to solve this issue by adding the parameter Update Parameters in the needed instances (in my case cyrillic). I’ve then built all the features without including the cyrillic, hit the Update features button and in the end, I’ve added the cyrillic features without updating the language feature. I hope this can help

A “Remove prefixes” custom parameter could also be useful in other cases, e.g. when I have defined some lookups there which include glyphs that are removed from the font by the “Remove Glyphs” custom parameter. Currently there seems no way to delete these lookups automatically, so they will be compiled and fail.

There is something in the works, coming soon to a font editor near you.