Custom Parameter: Rename feature description

Hello, for the scenario where I have italics and want to rename a=a.ss01 (default being double-storey, ss01 being single-storey), it would be very practical to be able to rename the feature description of ss01 from “Single-storey a” to “Double-storey a”. Is there any way I can set this in the exports with a custom parameter? Thanks!

Replace feature?

That is, as far as the description says, only for replacing the code:

Replaces the content of an OpenType feature with the code specified. The first four letters must be the feature name (such as liga), followed by a semicolon and the new feature code. Works only if the feature exists in File > Font Info > Feature.

I want to replace the description, not the code. This thing (yes, I know, American spelling was used here):

Add the name to the code in that case.

featureNames {
    name "Single-story a";

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