Custom Parameters for manual Trueype Hinting

Just to clarify: I only need the custom parameters TTFStems and TTFZones if they include more values then the default PS Stems and Alignment Zones, right? If I don’t insert TTFStems and TTFZones, Glyphs refers to the PS Values in Font Info?

And another TT Hinting question: Are global deltas supported?


It does not sound familiar, so my guess is no. But what is a global delta?

A global delta shifts the TTF Zones at a specific font size. For instance, by shifting the cap hight one pixel up you could enlarge all capitals at one specific size.

Pre- or post-interpolation?

Since Hinting was done after interpolation (in Fontlab or VTT), no need for this questions. I always believed that in Glyphs one can apply instructions only to the first master, and they apply for all masters and instances. Wouldn’t make any difference then, if before or after interpolation. Or am I wrong?

I did not mean the interpolation of weights (as in Multiple Master), but the node interpolation of TrueType hinting.

Soon :wink: