Custom shortcuts for everything

Hi, I love Glyphs, but it’s really really frustrating to not be able to assign custom keyboard shortcuts for any option I would like because a lot of them are only accessible by pushing buttons, but no from menus and, therefore, they cannot be matched from the OSX Preferences section.

I repeat that I love Glyphs and I think that the workflow could be much faster if we could assign keyboard shortcuts to any option available. I am particularly interested in alignment, flipping and scaling options… can you help me to, at least, write some scripts to assign those keyboards?


In a script, you can do anything you like, and you can assign a shortcut. Do you need help with writing these? To get started, take a look at the Roll Your Own section of the Extend page, and feel free to steal form the open-source script repositories.

Update: fixed broken link.

Thanks for the information, but the link is broken (or perhaps it’s my browser?)… Do you mean this ?

Yes I do. Fixing the link in the original post…