Customized Icon Font / Ligatures Feature and additional Font Infos


I’m planning to make an icon font for a client of mine. The icons will have all the same height because they were placed in an outline circle. So far so good. I even understand placing them into PUA glyphs. So I started with uniE000, … Don’t know exactly how many we will use, but 50 icons is a good amount.

What I don’t understand is, how can I reach these glyphs when typing a character in any app. I’m a graphic designer so I know the possibility to show up the hole glyphs set of a font via InDesign for example. But what is a smart entering and typing solution for the icon font itself?

I saw that there is a Feature Tap in the Font Infos. There you can set up some scripting and I also catch, that the following code line out of the web: “sub c m by cable_management;” will display the icon for “Cable Management” when typing c + m keys. Is that right?

So is this the common solution to add such ligature scripting for each icon?

For example, should it be possible that the code line:
// sub m a i l by mail_icon; // will display the mail icon out of the font, which has the extra name mail_icon. Is that right?

and of course, are there any other settings that are important for an icon font?

Thanks, Alex

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