Symbol font keyboard equivalency and not displaying

I created a set of symbols. Followed your tutorial Creating an Icon Webfont. I removed all the glyphs and started a new set named uniE001 to uniE032. They all went into the Private Use.

I am not sure what the keyboard equivalency is to the actual symbol. In other words, how do I know which is the key to hit to display the symbols.

I exported them into the Adobe library font, but are not able to see them. I can see the name of the font with a little string of symbols next to it on the font menu of InDesign, but cannot get the symbols. I cleaned the cache already.

I am using Glyph 1.4.4
Any help would be appreciated

You can’t type characters from the PUA. In Indesign, use the glyph panel, and in HTML use the entity syntax: &#x+E000; (remove the +)

Thanks that worked in InDesign. Is there an alternative to creating this without then going into the PUA, so that they can actually be typed (correspond to a key in the keyboard) in Applications such as Word, Indesign, and others. Like “ZaptDingbats” for example?

If you like to type them, you need to assign normal letter names (like ‘A’). But that is not advised for webfonts as screenreader would read them aloud.

Yes you can type them. There is a Unicode keyboard in your input sources. It is a US keyboard, but if you hold down option, you can type a Unicode value.

Or you can define a shortcut in the keyboard preferences.
[EDIT:] It is not called shortcut, sorry, it’s called text replacement:
[imgs=][/im gs]

You could use a program like Ukelele to create a keyboard layout that references the PUA glyphs.

Info for other systems and layouts that may also be useful: