Customizing variable font export

Is it possible to limit the variable range for a font? For example: the general range is 10-250, but I need 40-190.

You would need to add masters at 40 and 190. Then you can add an Ignore Masters parameter to your variable font setting in Font Info > Exports.

Maybe Disable Masters ?

Please clarify exactly what needs to be added.

Yes, sorry, ‘Disable Masters’.

Yes, thanks!

I just want to clarify.

Do I need to add the Disable Masters parameter to the Instances I want to block (Export Tab)? Or do I need to add this parameter to Font Tab?

Also, after adding this parameter, it says “Click here to edit value”. What do I need to enter there additionally?

You need to add this to a variable font setting, not a static instance. Then add the names of each master you want to disable to the custom parameter.

I added Disable Masters to File Info > Font (tab). I put the names of the instances I don’t want in commas.

I probably need to be more specific. I have two extreme instances (axes coordinates 10 and 249) that don’t need to be considered at all in the final variable file. That is, so that the variable range starts and ends with other values. Is this possible?

If yes, please write in more detail what should be done or give a link to the instructions.

I think you’re confusing a lot of things.

Go to Font Info > Exports and add a variable font setting. In the variable font setting, add the custom parameter Disable Masters. In the custom parameter, add the names of the masters to disable.


It’s very frustrating, but there is no easy way to do this at the moment. If you don’t want to deal with dummy masters, you can try Slice, use it on exported font: GitHub - source-foundry/Slice: An open-source, cross-platform GUI app to generate custom font design spaces from variable fonts

Or if you’re familiar with fonttools (if not, it’s very worth it) you can use varLib Instancer to do the same: instancer — fontTools Documentation

Slicing is not bug-free, but on a simple setup like yours it usually works well. Obviously still check the results :slight_smile:

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I also wrote a script quite a while back that can produce a subset variable glyphs file. Find it in the eweracs scripts unter Font Management (I think it’s called something like Create Variable Subset)

Thank you so much for the clarification!