Cut a line between 2 nodes?


I’ve noticed that cutting, deleting and erasing hava similar functionality.

I wonder if there is a chance to have an option to cut just a line between two points, like in fontlab when I can select points and with cmd+x cut a segment preserving these points. This is very useful when opening a shape.

Or maybe there is such functionality in glyphs that I am not aware of?

Thank You.

If you press opt+delete, the path is broken. To delete a curve segment, select one of the handles and press opt+delete. For line segments, opt+click them first to convert them to a curve fist.


By the way… for me works opt+backspace :slight_smile:

Once again great app but manual should be extended in order to avoid such simple questions as mines.

… or just add an oncurve point with the P tool and delete it with option-delete.

(IIRC, on a Mac, delete and backspace are synonyms. The other thing is called forward delete.)

Maybe but opt+delete doesn’t work for me somehow… Thank You for the tip.