Dark UI Preview Bar Bug

On the latest cutting edge build, when the preview bar at the bottom of the main window is minimized, it has a pure black fill which obscures the tools/options unless they’re in a colored state as seen below. Functionality is there, I just have to click around aimlessly while looking for the Eye icon.

Same toolbar when not minimized

While I have your attention, also in the Dark UI, how can I change the color of the +B ground . Switching to this view, full screen, at night is somewhat jarring and very difficult to see the path itself. I ask about the ground color because of the jarring transition, knowing that the path color could also be an option:

It doesn’t need an option to set the background color, it should switch automatically. You seem to have set the background to black and the path color to white. You don’t need to do that to get the dark mode. Run this:

Glyphs.boolDefaults["GSEditViewDarkMode"] = True

in the macro window.
I’ll fix the Background color with dark colors…

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Thanks for this code.

No need to fix the Background color with dark colors, I wasn’t aware of this macro command to enable the true Dark Mode, in which the background color scheme is perfect.

Did I miss a UI toggle/button somewhere? I just transitioned to Mojave and figuring out all the Dark UI nuances and compatibility with various apps.

You probably picked custom colors in the preferences at one point.

Would it be possible in the future to have the background color selection have a field for both light and dark mode? The context for this being: I like my edit view to switch between light and dark mode to match the OS but I find the default white too jarring and usually work on a light gray.

I’ll see.