Dates in Forum postings

It would be nice if the dates shown in each forum topic included the year, so when we search and find a topic covered, we know how “fresh” the information is.

It shows the year for all posts that are older then the current year.

I was about to post a new thread about this. The year info is hidden regardless of the time of post (my issue is about the date on the top right of each comment).

The posts older than the current year are preceded by an apostrophe in front of the numbers.

Ah sorry! I thought that was month and day! (I wasn’t paying attention to the apostrophe. The format looks a little too minimal, don’t you think?)

It is a bit minimal until you get used to it. It took me a couple of searches before I realized it.

I don’t know if “you’ll get used to it” is a positive… I would appreciate a customisable option at least.

I had a look at the admin settings and could find an option to change that. If someone finds it, I’m happy to change it.


More options:

OK, I changed occurrences of 'YY to YYYY, so you always get the full year number.

The two-digit year notation is not in use everywhere, and indeed poses difficulties sometimes, and we do have the space for the two extra digits.