Deactivate Autosave/Versions?

Is there any way to deactivate autosave/versions in Glyphsapp? I want to save my files on a Helios server, but this obviously doesn’t work with MacOS autosave.

Glyphs > Preferences > Expert > Restore pre-Lion saving behavior

ooh … this doesn’t seem to be available at Glyphs Mini. Mmmh.

This worked for me:

  1. Start Glyphs Mini
  2. Go to Terminal and type (or copy and paste):
    defaults write $(osascript -e ‘id of application “Glyphs Mini”’) ApplePersistence -bool no
    (There’s no space between the dollar sign and the parenthesis)
  3. Restart Glyphs Mini

Any plans to turn off auto save for the mini version? I temporarily used @mekkablue’s hack, but I’m interrupted with a permissions dialog every time the app attempts to autosave…which can obviously be distracting after some time.

What permissions dialog?

What permissions dialog?


Also…I’m assuming to revert back to the default auto save behavior I would simply append yes to the end like so…

defaults write $(osascript -e ‘id of application “Glyphs Mini”’) ApplePersistence -bool yes