Deactivating Arabic text contextualization in glyph view

As much as the ‘text’ view is an invaluable feature in Glyphs for Arabic design, extending that ‘textualization’ in glyph view is a handicap!
The issue is pretty simple. Suppose I have an isolated beh-ar which is made off the components of the base glyphs ‘dotless beh’ and ‘dot below’. And I want to edit the location of the ‘down’ anchor for dots below in the base glyph ‘behdotless-ar’.
So I double click on the component to have its base glyph to edit…

and I get this…

As you see the component of beh-ar (isolated) is changed to its final form and the base glyph of ‘behdotless-ar’ (also isolated form) is changed to the initial form. This contextualization scheme makes it impossible to access the true base glyph that I wanted to edit which is the isolated form of dotless beh.
Is there any way to deactivate this behaviour and see the glyphs side by side without contextualization?

The easiest would be to switch to the LTR mode.

Worked like a charm! Thanks a lot.