Dealing with many alternate glyphs

I have a typeface with several alternate glyphs for some characters. Some alternate glyphs have alternates (imagine changing the serifs of the ‘i’ in one alternate glyph, then in another alternative glyph use this i, but with a tittle of alternative design).

Is there any way to automate this kind of alternatives-built-on-other-alternatives?

You can have n.ss01 and n.ss01.ss02 as its nested alternate, from which Glyph will auto create features. Is that what you mean?

Note: for this to work, the order in which features apply matters. If you want n.ss02 with nested n.ss02.ss01, you need to drag ss02 before ss01 in the features window.

It sounds along the lines of what I need. Is this documented anywhere?

In the glyph name tutorial (and IIRC in the handbook too, but didn’t look now), it says that suffixes must be in the order of the features for automating feature code.

I think I found it in the Handbuch:

Dot-suffixes can be chained. For the automatic feature generation to work, suffixes should be ordered in the same order as the features in File → Font Info… → Features. For example, is the name of the glyph x as a small cap with the first stylistic set enabled since stylistic sets are typically ordered after small caps.

Cheers guys.

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You also could try to decompose all accented Glyphs. Then you can switch the base and mark glyphs individually. Only downside is that it needs the “World Ready composer” in Indesign. But for webfonts this would make a big difference in terms of file size.

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