Decimal or lining figures

Hello Glyphs people,
Simple question: Next to my oldstyle figures, I create tabular figures (even spaced at 500 units). Is it the best way to put them in the ‘Lining figures’ series or in the ‘Decimal digit’ series? Or both?
And … Small figures to create fractions with the fraction bar: Do I use ‘Small figures’ superior and inferior or ‘Fraction’ numr and dnom?
Thank you

First question :

  • If you designed tabular figures, you need to be placed them in “Tabular Figures” glyphs (.tf)
  • About “Decimal Digit”, these numbers are used by default, when none OpenType feature are enable. If you want to use your OldStyle Figures by default, I recommend you to place them also in Decimal Digit.

Second question :

Clear. Thanks a lot.