Decompose and Overlaps


when I am decomposing components glyphs it is changing curve points to corner points
is there a reason for? The same happens when I am running the reduce overlaps script (even in glyphs wihtout overlaps)


You can tidy up paths (Cmd-Opt-Shift-T) to set the correct color again. The difference between green and blue points is only inside Glyphs, PostScript or the final exported file do not make this distinction.

ok – but do the green an blue points have any influence on the hinting, or not?

by the way thanks for the fast answer even on Sunday :smile:

The colors of the nodes have nothing to do with the hinting.
But decomposing shouldn’t change the color of the nodes. How exactly do the original path look and how do you decompose?

I think it is the combination aus decomposing and removing the overlaps
but it changes the color also in glyphs with no overlaps

  1. I have a selection of glyphs
  2. »Komponenten auflösen«
  3. »Überlappungen entfernen«


Can you try to decompose without removing overlap?

without removing overlaps it is working. but if the change from blue to green has no influence on the output it is fine for me – I was just wondering


During the remove overlap operation, the green state is not preserved and has to be reconstructed afterwards. The very short handles are technically not on a strait line because of the grid and thous are not set to smooth automatically.