Decompose monoline inside component in master? For a variable font

Glyphs 2 Version 2.6.5 (1313)

Hi, is there a way to decompose a monoline inside a component? Non-destructively, as a PreFilter, so interpolations in a variable font work.
I created a master following the variable font tutorial. Worked great. Now, want to try using a monoline inside a component, and not getting a satisfactory result.

In this case, there’s no interpolation shown

bonus points: a way to be able see preview as it should be, with the filter (LetterInk In this case) applied in the preview window below.

aaaaaaa - letterink 1.glyphs (36.1 KB)

EDIT: Solution: Apply filter directly (filters are not available for variable fonts, yet).

Managed to get interpolations shown inside the main font window:
How, don’t know how, but hey, at least it shows interpolation between weights :smiley:

:point_right: Good: Preview window now displays the LetterInk skeleton!
Bad: It’s the Light Master (weight=50) one instead of the Bold Master’s weight (200) one. Notice the active Master is the bold one.

but, exporting to Variable Font is not working as expected.
In Gauntlet, playing with the weight slider shows distortions and errors, and the weight is not being applied:

bbbbbb - letterink 2.glyphs (36.5 KB)