Dedicated special marks as diacritics for certain styles

I’m giving an attempt to create a font where some .swsh glyphs can get appropriate diacritics respectively.
The problem comes out when testing it with long paragraphs/texts; Since NOT all this font glyphs are swash style; By assigning Swash style in Indesign to to the text box, those unique diacritical.swsh marks capture all the texts!

The unpractical resolution would be by choosing each glyph and manually assigning the swash style to it :angry:
Wondering what would be the wise way to resolve it… is it a script or a unique OT calt feature!!?

I don’t understand what you are trying to do. You have some swash glyphs but don’t what them activated in Indesign? You could put them in different stylistic sets to be able to activate them individually.

Do you mean if you activate swashes for the whole text, you have too many swash letters? I tend to think that’s a problem for the font user. If he activates swashes, that is what he gets. Swashes are off by default anyway.

Or do you mean something else? Perhaps a screenshot can help understand.