Define rotation origin for components?

Hello, once again dealing with arrows and trying to somehow keep them consistently aligned, I was wondering whether it is possible to define a rotation origin. Ideally, I would like to set my arrows to be automatically aligned, so that I can rotate them. Currently, this results in bad positioning. I would like to define a rotation origin so that this can be avoided. Is this possible? Thanks!

Try an *origin anchor.


Ah, that’s the syntax, thanks a lot!

Hello again, I’m a bit confused. Why do I have to put the *origin anchor so far below the actual center? Am I misunderstanding something? I would have thought that I need to put the anchor in the the optical center.

Oh, and this then breaks in other arrow rotations:

Edit: I understand that the rotation is made around the 0,0 point, but is there any way to rotate a component around itself?

Adding the “*origin” ancho will move the components quite a bit. If the anchor is at “400/350”, the position of the components needs to be the same numbers. Then rotating it (around that “visual” center) will work.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

Where is the anchor supposed to be placed? Do I have to use some other form of automatic alignment?

Right. But that means that I cannot use automatic alignment, correct?

Probably not that useful to use alignment.
To keep the width in sync (if needed), you can use metrics keys.

Sure, that’s what I do. The thing is that I would like to keep the vertical alignment consistent. When I change the metrics in the upArrow, the northEastArrow (like all other arrows) will move vertically. I thought that by defining a rotation origin at the optical center of the arrow, I could use automatic alignment. Is there no way to achieve this?

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I jut tried this again and the other arrows didn’t move at all when I changed the spacing of the base array.

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