Definition of components in ligatures (Arabic)

I’m creating an Arabic font with a lot of ligatures. I’m generating some ligatures automatically (that I subsequently correct). The problem is that it brings the components in a logical way but that is not correct in Arabic.
For example, if I build waw_ain-ar.fina the components are waw-ar.fina (correct) and ain-ar.fina (incorrect) when it should bring waw-ar.fina and ain-ar

My guess is that Glyphs doesn’t know which components should connect and which shouldn’t. I’m wondering if there’s a way to fix this?

I just tried this and it works fine:

What version of Glyphs do you have?

It works well when generating the features. But what I meant is that when you add a glyph named like waw_ain-ar.fina (just an example, it happens with many) it uses the ain-ar.fina :

when it should use instead the ain-ar because they don’t connect:

I think this happens with all the ligatures in which the two components don’t connect and the last has a .fina variant.

I’m using (3208) but I’ve seen that for a while now.

Ok. I see. I’ll have a look.

And why do you add that ligature (if you only add components)?

I’m adding a bunch of ligatures like that, I disable the automatic alignment of the components and I move them vertically and sometimes closer to avoid collapsing. More or less like 2D kerning. Sometimes I have to move the dots as well, so rearranging each component. But I prefer if the components are already the good ones.