Delete a Kern Pair in all Masters?

I happen to discover that my Variable Font contains superfluous Kerning pairs. Can I delete a specific Kern Pair (irregardless of its value) in all Masters instead of deleting them in each Master one by one?

That is currently only possible with a script. But it seems to be a good idea to add that.


That would be great, thanks for considering to add this. I am looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Georg, is there any progress on the script? It would be really great if you could implement it the kernig window.

Here’s a script for that

Thanks Alex! Unfortunately does not work by me.

You’re right! Old script which wasn’t quite right. Uploaded an update.

A note on using: the script removes kerning for the glyph’s kerning group (if any), so removing AV also removes ÁV. Exceptions (open locks) are ignored because it’s not clear how to treat them, especially if not all masters have that exception.

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Thanks Alex it works now!
For those who want to use it:

  • Selecting multiple kern pairs in the kerning
  • “Show all Glyphs” from kerning window preferences
  • Cmd A in the preview window
  • run the script

I added the option to remove kerning pairs in the kerning panel for all masters. It is done by holding the Option key when pressing the minus key.

It will only remove the items for that specific pair. So no checking for exemptions or something like this.


This will actually work in version 3177.

Thanks Georg,

I’m looking forward to that :slight_smile: