Delta character doesn't display on Mac

Delta Unicode 0394 doesn’t show up (or shows up via substitution of a different font) on my Mac. FontLab uses Delta Unicode 2206, which I’m guessing would show up on my Mac, but I don’t know how to change the unicode of a glyph to test this? Why do you use 0394 instead of 2206 Like FontLab? Which is correct and what should I do to ?

The glyph ‘Delta’ is a greek letter. What you mean is the glyph ‘increment’. The names are used in all kind of combinations but inside Glyphs, the names are used like this. So call the glyph ‘increment’ or uni2206 if you don’t know the proper name and Glyphs will rename it automatically. You can search for names in Window > Glyph Info.