Designspace error

Trying to get fontmake going, but ran into this error in the Italic:

    <axis tag="opsz" name="Optical size" minimum="5" maximum="120" default="120">
      <map input="5" output="5"/>
      <map input="8" output="40"/>
      <map input="12" output="60"/>
      <map input="24" output="75"/>
      <map input="42" output="90"/>
      <map input="62" output="100"/>
      <map input="88" output="110"/>
      <map input="120" output="120"/>
    <axis tag="wdth" name="Width" minimum="50" maximum="150" default="50"/>
    <axis tag="wght" name="Weight" minimum="400" maximum="900" default="400"/>
    <axis tag="ital" name="Italic" minimum="1" maximum="1" default="1"/>

The reason for my surprise is that the opsz is given as 5–120 when it is in fact 5–1200. I can’t find this 120 value anywhere in the Glyphs file.

The Roman is set up just like the Italic, and that one does not show this error.


Is there an Axis Location on the masters?

Yes, but both master axis coordinate, and axis location is set to opsz 1200.

It also looks like half the UFOs are invisible to fontmake. The UFOs are in the folder, but fontmake complains as if they don’t exist. (here I have manually edited the designspace file to use the 1200 value:

fontmake: Error: In 'Playfair.designspace': Generating fonts from Designspace failed: No default source; expected default master at Optical size=1200, Width=50, Weight=400, Italic=1. Found master locations:
Playfair Needlepoint Black SemiCondensed at Optical size=1200, Width=50, Weight=900, Italic=1
Playfair Needlepoint Black SemiExpanded at Optical size=1200, Width=150, Weight=900, Italic=1
Playfair Agate Black SemiCondensed at Optical size=5, Width=50, Weight=900, Italic=1
Playfair Agate Black SemiExpanded at Optical size=5, Width=150, Weight=900, Italic=1

This is what it looks like in the Roman (looks correct)

    <axis tag="opsz" name="Optical size" minimum="5" maximum="1200" default="1200">
      <map input="5" output="5"/>
      <map input="6" output="200"/>
      <map input="7" output="325"/>
      <map input="8" output="400"/>
      <map input="12" output="550"/>
      <map input="16" output="640"/>
      <map input="21" output="700"/>
      <map input="32" output="800"/>
      <map input="72" output="980"/>
      <map input="96" output="1020"/>
      <map input="1200" output="1200"/>

Can’t really help you with fontmake problems. What happens if you export from Glyphs?

Alright, I just wanted to check if this was something you recognised.