Detailed manual hinting

Hi, I always had big respect to hinting technologies and I hoped that after the design process when it comes to hinting that it would all clear up by itself, but it doesn’t. So thanks to anyone helping out.

I did the autohinting (with alignment zones and stem values) and in some cases manual hinting, but there are still some cases where the hinting is not satisfying, e.g. diacritic marks look connected to their base, the proportions of the bowls of the three-storey g don’t look right and so on. What can I do now. What if I want to interfere here? And—just hypothetically—what if I wanted to have a hinting of the quality of a system font?

And one explicit Glyphs problem I want to mention here:
I noticed that the outlines of characters of the light master containing a dotaccent look distorted when displayed in a very small size with the anti-aliasing off. I guess that’s what happens when the whole shape is smaller than one pixel. So I hinted the dot. That solved the problem but lead to another. Characters containing the dotaccent mark component are not autohinted anymore, e.g. the horizontal stems of the Ė are not aligned as the other diacritic E’s. As I know, a manually hinted character needs to be manually hinted completely. And it seems that Glyphs combines the two components before autohinting the E. So I manually hinted all the characters that combine with a dotaccent. But that leads to a chainreaction, because hinting the E means hinting all the marks that combine with the E, means hinting all the bases that combine with these marks?


The distortion should be solved without hinting. There is something wrong with the path. Fix that and remove all the hints.
Can you post a screenshot of the dot accent in glyphs or send the file to support at this domain?

What do you think?

The dotaccent from the ufo-file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

I would need to the .glyphs file that contains both masters. can you send it by mail?

How do you test the fonts?

I tested them by installing OTF-files regularly and the other time by exporting them to the Application Support/Adobe/Fonts folder. I tested it in InDesign aswell as in Photoshop (both CS6).

Mac OSX 10.9.3
Glyphs Version 1.4.3 (584)

Actually, this could be a hinting problem. You have way too many stems defined. Try 1 or 2 in each category (H, V).

Please read the hinting tutorials:
And perhaps also the chapter about hinting in the handbook.

And looking at your type design, I think it is unlikely that you need any manually set hints.