Devanagari conjunct issue

Hello all. I’m having an issue getting some Devanagari conjuncts to trigger. Specifically, k_t_ra-deva refuses to work in testing (Adobe Illustrator).

Here is how it renders in Illustrator:
(top line is a stock OS typeface, bottom is my typeface)

It appears to be rendering k_t-deva with the Rakar stuck on.

I have added the correct conjunct glyph through the Glyphs interface and designed it:

…but it will not trigger in Illustrator no matter what I do. I’ve tried updating+compiling all the Devanagari features in the Features tab. I’ve copied and pasted text using this conjunct and it works in other fonts but not mine.

Weirdly, other conjuncts are working, like k_ka-deva, k_ca-deva, k_t_ya-deva, k_t_ra-deva, n_da-deva, s_ka-deva. Is there something happening with Half Conjuncts (as opposed to Linear Conjuncts) that I am missing? I have the necessary half forms already in designed and in place, but no dice.

Thanks for any assistance.

Not sure if this has anything to do with my original post, but it may be related:

A problem occurred

Please help us to fix it by copying the following text and pasting it into a new post on Thanks!

text: ' क्त्
क' (__NSCFString), length: 12, string: '्{
}' (NSConcreteAttributedString), length: 1, range: {13, 0}


NSMutableRLEArray insertObject:range:: Out of bounds

    "3   Foundation                          0x000000019fba7e7c -[NSConcreteMutableAttributedString replaceCharactersInRange:withAttributedString:] + 164",
    "4   Glyphs 3                            0x00000001047345f4 _ZN7plcrash2MS5async35plcrash_async_dwarf_expression_evalIyxEE15plcrash_error_tP21plcrash_async_mobjectjPK26plcrash_async_thread_statePK25MSplcrash_async_byteorderyxyPT_mSD_ + 259280",
    "5   AppKit                              0x00000001a20a724c -[NSTextInputContext(NSInputContext_WithCompletion) insertText:replacementRange:completionHandler:] + 164",
    "6   AppKit                              0x00000001a27faf80 __55-[NSTextInputContext handleTSMEvent:completionHandler:]_block_invoke_2.207 + 112",
    "7   AppKit                              0x00000001a20a719c -[NSTextInputContext do_HandleTSMEvent_insertFixLenTextLoop:whileCondition:dispatchWorkEach:afterEachInsertText:continuation:] + 164",
    "8   AppKit                              0x00000001a20a7008 -[NSTextInputContext tryHandleTSMEvent_insertFixLenText_withContext:dispatchCondition:setupForDispatch:nestedWorkaroundCondition:nestedWorkaroundDispatchWork:loopCondition:dispatchWorkEach:afterEachInsertText:continuation:] + 364",
    "9   AppKit                              0x00000001a27fa9f4 __55-[NSTextInputContext handleTSMEvent:completionHandler:]_block_invoke.180 + 2584"

Can you send me that font?

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I experimented some more, including using the cutting edge beta. What ended up working (sort of) was changing the conjunct name in Glyphs. I changed k_t_ra-deva to k_ta_rakar-deva and it now works as intended in Illustrator and matches the behavior of macOS stock Devanagari fonts. I’m not sure yet if this has any unintended side effects, so I’ll keep testing.

(I know the design itself isn’t pretty yet, my apologies to all Devanagari readers.)


This is what I should have suggested immediately.