Devanagari Conjuncts Issue

Hi. I’m experiencing an issue with these Devanagari conjuncts not triggering. Specifically, conjuncts with the rakar are not functioning during testing. Everything was working perfectly before the glyphs updated to a newer version. Previously, I had named all of the conjuncts with the suffix _ra-deva and it was working. However, when it wasn’t working on the newer version, I changed all of them to have the suffix _rakar-deva. Now, none of them work. :frowning:

Here is how it renders in Font Goggles:
(The top line displays my typeface while the bottom line displays VesperLibre.)

Can you send me your font for testing?

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Just to inform you: I’ve corrected everything using manual features.

But I need feedback like this to be able to improve the automatic feature code. Would you be able to send me a sample file that shows what you did. Or explain the gist of it?