Devanagari ligatures not showing up

Why is it that Devanagari renders differently in Glyphs App, and in the rest of the OS, i.e. in TextEdit

It seems the ligatures aren’t showing properly? Despite generating the features.

Did you activate all the features? And Glyphs does not include a full OpenType shaping engine (e.g. it don’t do reordering). So to reliable test complex scripts we recommend Indesign

I did, I realised it’s due to Glyphs not doing reordering, InDesign does not do this either…
Text Edit on OS X does however.



Indesign does reorder just fine for me. If you have a English or European version of Indesign, you need to manually activate the “World Ready Composer”. This is only possible by script, or by using a document that has it activated already. Here is a better explanation:

World ready composer is built into indesign cs6 and later. But you still need to activate it.

World ready composer is available since CS4 as stated in the article I linked to.

My post was not clear, sorry. I meant that you only need to switch it on via a menu item in CS6, so no need for a script or prefabricated document.

You can also test using the Devanagari Version of the Testing Page, currently under construction at

Thank you Pablo.

I also found the way to employ World Ready Composer in a helpful guide here,

This was for InDesign CS6.