Diacritic Ligature Maker

In the old glyphs there was a script called diacritic ligature maker (by @mekkablue ), but in the latest version, I can’t find it.

Is this now gone totally from your scripts or am I just missing something?


There should be an updated version in Filipe Negrão’s Scripts collection (under kerningcreate_kerning_groups_for_ligatures), although I did not try it myself.

See also: Glyphs Scripts Index

It probably survives as a GitHub gist somewhere.

But better create contextual alternates rather than actual ligatures. My experience was that the ligatures were always too many and most of them made no sense (e.g. Gaelic lenited f with an Esperanto circumflex).

Thanks, I have managed to get my ligatures down to just a handful, well, around 15 now. I just wanted to see how many ligatures your script generated to see if it was worth adding them.